Design tips for your Niagara-on-the-Lake Vacation Rental

Given the number of new Niagara holiday rentals we are adding to our roster, I find myself consistently discussing the following design ideas with our clients, that are starting a new Niagara Vacation Home businesses. I’ve mentioned most of the following tricks and tips many times and thought it would be a fantastic post that can be referred to, as our newer clients prepare their Vacation Rentals for Guest Accommodations.

Pops of color

One thing that livens up a room in a Vacation Rental or Cottage Rental are pops of color. Colorful pillows and accent pieces give the normal neutral scheme a great way to incorporate color into any space within the rental home


Adding various textures to a space makes the vacation rental property more interesting to the eye and provides the feeling of a real home away from home. Adding objects made of metal, wood and colorful prints are a great way to accomplish just the look that Guests visiting our NOTL Short Term Rentals like to see!

Antique Feature

Chose an antique or a unique piece of décor to be the inspiration for the room. This could be a rug, lamp, chair or even a chandelier or anything that provides inspiration and motivation. Get creative and follow the inspiration theme. Id more modern is your style than antiques décor will really stand out!


The furniture in each room should be restful relaxing pieces. The rooms should be symmetrical in nature and leave room for moving around the furniture. There should be about three feet of space between each seating area. Additionally, if possible, give the furniture some room to breath and set it a few inches from the walls.

 Clutter Free

The homes should be clutter free and free of personal photos, items in drawers and very valuable items should be removed and stored elsewhere. Not only does it make the Vacation Home more attractive but provide a boutique style that is sure to please your guests.


A BBQ, comfortable seating for dining that accommodated the number of allowed guests, and outdoor lounging areas are key for guests. Get pergolas and or umbrellas that allow some shade. Well manicured gardens, lawns and patios give a real sense of relaxation and show that each owner and investor cares about the home and the guests staying at the Niagara Cottage Rental.


Get professional his resolution photos. Ensure that they display the front of the home, the beds, bathrooms, kitchen, and the outdoor amenity spaces. While each listing site is unique in the number of photos that are allowed, we at Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals like to have 20 to 24.

Linens, bedding, and Towels

 Keep to white Linens, bedding, and Towels. There are many types out there but if you want to get some use out of the investment, we suggest Hotel Collection and keeping to the same series for each room. While white may seem boring, adding colorful accent pillows and blankets placed at the end of the bed make a huge difference.


Victoria House’s new back patio!