Niagara-on-the-Lake Vacation Rentals implements best of breed Vacation Rental App!

At Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals we believe that technology is our friend and are always on “the cutting edge” in Vacation Rental Property Management.

Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals and Toronto Short Term Rental Property Management Corp. are happy to announce the implementation of our very own App! This allows combined phone system, reservations platform, work order tracking, employee time and location tracking, financial record keeping and texting communication abilities all in a one!

This newest Vacation Rental technology has been designed by us, with assistance from the HomeAway family, Airbnb, Red Awning, Trip Advisor,, The Niagara on the Lake Chamber of Commerce and of course, Hughes and Co. that helped us pulled it all together into one app!

This investment allows us to communicate with our Owners and Guests in any way that suits your needs and puts us in a category that completely sets us apart as a Vacation Rental (Short Term) Property Manager. Providing us the ability to react immediately to any situation.

Included in our platform to date:

  • Once and done phone calls
  • Enquiries through our chat bot on-line
  • Integrated reservation and ecommerce platform that incorporates the rental agreement and arrival day notice and instructions
  • Accounting flow through and allocation
  • Automated security deposit refunds – 72 hours after stay
  • Guest interaction in the rare event of a deficiency – alerts the appropriate staff to immediately react
  • Follow us phone system – a phone system that knows where we are and directs calls accordingly
  • Text messaging for pre-check in and responses while an occupant of one of our Short-Term Rentals

We are so excited about our new application and the benefits to our Guests’, Owners’ and our combined Companies because it gives us the ability to immediately respond and really speaks to our mission of: “Consistently exceeding Customer Expectations and Raising the Bar in Vacation Rental Property Management”

Next up on our agenda

Noise and Nuisance Monitors

Given the stringent by-laws around noise and nuisance – Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals is in the process of installing noise detection systems as a BETA test. This monitor will detect a certain level of noise after 11:00 pm and alert us by text, allowing us to react immediately. This is in addition to our Friday – Sunday security drive by that we implemented at the inception.