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We are in the process of adding new properties in: Crystal Beach, Ft. Erie and Ridge-way. Please check our properties regularly to see the exciting additions to our listings for Vacation Rentals in these geographies.

We are very excited to expand our Vacation Rental Property Management services to Crystal Beach and Ft. Erie Homeowners and Investors, offering Vacation Home Rentals that are in keeping with our carefully curated collection of Holiday Rentals in the Niagara Region that guests from all over the world can chose and enjoy when visiting the Niagara Region of Ontario.

With this expansion, we are increasing our team of employees ensuring that our top-rated guests reviews, and satisfaction surveys never suffer but rather increase to the highest possible levels that we strive diligently to achieve.

Our current overall guest satisfaction has us sitting at 4.9 stars out of 5. We will not be satisfied until we are 5 of 5!

In the very near future we will be adding these listings to our portfolio and website allowing those that prefer Crystal Beach, Ft. Erie and Ridgeway, to stay in some of the newest homes making their trip a very special and memorable on.

The homes are in ideal locations for your trip to the Lake Erie Region.  

Prepare your own meals in these new state of the art fully equipped kitchens or on the BBQ each home offers. These private vacation homes offer outdoor sitting areas, pools and hot tubs, WIFI and Cable TV allowing you, our guests, all the comforts of home.

Originally a religious campground started in 1888, Crystal Beach had become a popular destination with its beach and side-shows.  In 1890, the owner turned the retreat into an amusement park due to its increase in popularity. Crystal Beach Amusement Park sadly closed in 1989, but many still remember the Loganberry drink sold, the steamboats that carried visitors from Buffalo, and the world-famous roller-coaster, Cyclone.  

Ft. Erie was site of the bloodiest battlefield in Canadian history.  Beginning as a French trading post and then as a British fort, its history is forever etched into its streets.  It was also site to the Battle of Ridgeway, a town of Ft. Erie. This battle is historically known for the invasion of the Fenians who attempted to create an independent Irish Republic.  

Ft. Erie, home of Crystal Beach and the town of Ridgeway is becoming the new hot-spot for tourists.  Older cottages are being repaired and converted to year-round use, a new major residential development is reviving the previous amusement park grounds, and many new and exciting store-fronts are popping up.  

Niagara-on-the-Lake Vacation Rentals is eager for you to experience the tranquil environment, the alluring sites, and the historical appeal that Ft. Erie, Crystal Beach, and Ridgeway have to offer you.