Ten reasons to use a Property Manager for your Short-term Rental Investment – By Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals.

Ten Reasons to use a Property Manager for your Short-term Rental Investment. Contact us today to hear more about our services at Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals and Property Management Services as a Property Manager for a Short-term Rental Business’:

  • Local Presence – If you do not live in the area or have a local contact and run a short-term rental, you may not be in compliance with The Town of Niagara on the Lake by-laws, for a Short-term Rental License.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – The difference between what you can earn in the long term let and the short-term market can be astronomical. But if you don’t have the time or energy to become a host, then those are untapped earnings you will never receive unless your hire a manager.
  • Not enough time? –We commonly hear – “I’m away, I can’t manage my property” – but this shouldn’t be your excuse. If you are someone who travels a lot for business (or pleasure) you may be able to earn a pretty penny on the side. The initial stumbling-block is that when your house is vacant, you aren’t there to manage any bookings either. But Niagara on the Lake Property Management Inc, can help you with this! Our contracts allow you to come and go to your property as you please, but rent it out while you are away to maximize the peak seasons.
  • For most, the main turn-off is the time commitment associated with becoming a host. The constant checking and replying to guests can turn into a second job – with some owners spending up to 40 hours per month on it. We handle the entire process and let you enjoy your family time, travel, or put your feet up and watch the reservations come in without losing any precious family moments or having to work any harder than you already are.
  • Personal Use – Some owners struggle to make the transition to hosting on sites like HomeAway and AirBNB because while they might not use the property all the time, they are unable to rent it out full-time because they still use it occasionally. Short term renting allows you to let your property flexibly. Service the accommodation and make extra money while you’re not using it, but continue to come and go as and when you need. NOTL Property Management Services Inc. would easily facilitate this.
  • Improve your credit, Pay down your mortgage fast! – If you’re thinking about a new home, an extension or renovation or even buying a vacation rental, extra earnings can increase your annual income significantly which will improve your chances of obtaining credit and loans. By using Niagara on the Lake Property Management Services, you’ll reap all the benefits of additional income, without the hassle of cleaning and servicing your Niagara Vacation Rental.
  • Property Management Knowledge and tools – At Niagara on the Property Management, we use tools that allow us to capture data, much like AirDNA – about areas: occupancy rates and pricing by home type. This allows us to set reasonable rates and make the most of filling in vacancies.
  • Home Security – If you are going away for an extended period, it can be a worry to leave your home behind unattended. But as well as the benefit of making extra a few extra bucks, the consistent visitors and our service team will mean your property will never be left under threat of burglars looking for an empty residence to target.
  • Responsiveness – In all cases -to stay competitive, you need to be very responsive and reply to guests quickly to secure the booking. Niagara on the Lake Vacation Rentals provides you with the help you need to make sure you are in the best spot to maximize your income. We currently sit at 100% response rate on most listing sites as we have an integrated solution that automatically update calendars and we respond to inquiries within an hour.
  • Reviews and repeat guests – Niagara on the Lake Property Management Services, Inc. maintains a 93% Five-star rating currently. This is hard to achieve, we feel strongly that these ratings are maintained through our “greet every guest” policy, cleanliness of the homes and competitive pricing.